About JVW

What once started as a hobby has grown into a life passion. Working in a family law practice for many years, I felt drawn to find an outlet from the stress and rigmarole of my profession. I started painting small projects at home and I was immediately drawn to the pleasure it brought knowing that I was creating something beautiful from an item that was ready to be thrown out. That each piece of furniture that I was restoring would bring joy to me or someone else and essentially have a second lease on life. To say the least, I was hooked and soon after, I left my job to pursue my newfound passion.

The thing I have learned most is that I have been given a gift to envision how these once tired pieces of furniture could be restored and add beauty to a space or home. This has pushed me to continually strive to look for ways to improve my painting techniques, find innovative processes in creating new and exciting furniture pieces and to better serve my clients.

My process may not be the fastest, but that is due to the steps I take to make sure that every piece of furniture that I work on is carefully and meticulously prepared for the transformation to come. Cleaning, repairs and sanding, these are the cornerstones that I follow. Though these steps may seem tedious and hard work at times, in the long run these steps ensure that the piece will turn out beautifully.