Collection: All Natural Soaps

Commitment to Natural

It is simply great soap. We made a commitment to ensure only natural ingredients are used in all our soap products. We use only certified organic base oils, and we scent our soap with essential oils or other plant extracts only. Our colorants are herbs, herbal extracts, clays, and mineral compounds. Our preservatives are plant extracts. When you buy with us, you don't have to wonder about whether the products or their raw ingredients qualify as natural. We've taken care of that for you.

These days, everyone claims to have natural products. This is why we decided to pursue organic certification in 2008. Organic certification represents a higher commitment to natural. It not only means we don't use unnatural or unhealthy ingredients. More importantly, it means we use only the purest ingredients, ones grown and produced sustainably and in accordance with USDA Organic standards.

Organic certification is important to customer trust. It involves third-party audits and inspection of all our ingredients, ingredient sources, paperwork trails, production processes, production records, and facility. Although many companies claim to be “organic,” our certification is the highest standard we can provide to our customers. Organic certification is a standard you can trust.