Happy anniversary & 2 more booths

Happy anniversary & 2 more booths

I was chatting with my husband, Joey this week and I said it's already been a year and a half I've been up and running as Jo's Vintage Werks, and this week is my 1 year anniversary that my furniture and home décor has been selling in my booth at Loved Homestead in Yucaipa. I never expected that in just one short year, I'd be in another 2 shops. It's truly incredible, I believe with all my heart God has opened each one of these doors for me.

I am so grateful for these opportunities I have been given. Not only has Jo's Vintage Werks moved into 2 more locations, Country Rose Boutique, Norco and The Little Back House, San Dimas, I now have a new line of certified organic body soap and foaming hand soap that I sell in my shopify store online as well as Etsy, Yucaipa, and the San Dimas shop. I've also adding many more home décor items with the hopes of incorporating these lovely new items with beautiful pieces of furniture, that have been repurposed and re-loved . So very blessed to be in the best stores ever!

It is all very exciting, but it can also be extremely challenging at times. This is where time management becomes very important and an extremly patient husband, who tolorates my stress tantroms, not even exagerating, I can be the biggest stress monster that ever lived. I seriously lean on Joey for ideas, carpentry, helping me with furniture runs and deliveries (including u-haul rentals at times), and his tremendous muscles moving furniture, the list goes on and on. He is packaging soap as I sit and write this blog, not kidding. Seriously, he some how always knows what my vision is even though I am the worst charades partner that has ever lived.

I am ending this year with a grateful heart and I am making lists and setting goals for next year and I'll be working harder than ever to make this little business of mine grow, from these lips to God's ears, can I get an amen!  

So, I will sign off for now, and as Frasier Crane (my favorite show of all time) would say "thanks for listening" I know I am THAT corny. 


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