Christmas is almost here!

Christmas is almost here!

Don’t you all just love this time of the year? Cooler weather has started to roll in and we all can look forward to cozy sweaters, hot coco and sitting by the fire. Another wonderful thing about this time of year is decorating your home. I know I love to bring out all the harvest and Christmas decor just after the little munchkins trick or treating has come and gone. This year I’ve decided to incorporate a few handcrafted decor items that I hope customers will love and will want to display in their home.

I will not be selling the items on my website instead, I’ve chosen to sell at local community events and on social media so keep an eye out for announcements.

I also wanted to say that I am truly blessed to have a husband who loves and supports me in all I do and who puts up with all my bossy instructions. He clearly is not a mind reader and I do need to work on remembering that. Hey I’m trying.

In closing, I’d just like to say I hope we all will not lose sight of what Christmas is really about. For me personally it’s about celebrating our loving God and Jesus Christ our Savior. That truly is the most precious gift we could ever receive. 

I hope you all will keep an eye out on my website and also remember to follow me on Facebook and Instagram. 

Wishing you all a special Thanksgiving and a wonderful Christmas! 



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